Enabling Remote Registry Service

Windows Server offers the possibility of remote connecting to a Windows Server to edit its registry. This service is not enabled by default on Windows Server and you must enable it before being able to remotely modify registry settings.
To enable this service you can either RDP on each machine and use the Services console to enable the service or by using a Powershell script which automates this operation.

Enabling Remote Registry Service

You can run the following Powershell command to achieve similar results.
sc \\computername config remoteregistry start= auto
sc \\computername start remoteregistry

You can also use newer Powershell cmdlets like Set-Service or Start-Service. Execute the following command to view the service related commands: Get-Command | Where-Object { $_.Name -like “*service”}
Now that the service has been started, you can open Registry Editor and connect to the remote machine by navigating to File -> Connect and specify the remote server name:

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