How to use Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer or MBSA is a tool that System Administrators may use to detect possible security vulnerabilities on their workstations. MBSA works closely with WSUS or SCOM servers to detect missing updates on Windows Desktop computers. You can use this tool to manually create a health report for each of your network’s devices. The tool offers a fast and reliable way to create system reports that can later be used to increase network security.
You can download the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer from Microsoft’s website. The tool is easy to install and configure, just double click it and follow the Wizard instructions. Once the software has been installed, open it to check out its interface.
MBSA offers two ways to scan your devices: scan a computer using its name or IP address or scan multiple computers using a domain name or a range of IP addresses. For this demonstration I will use the first method so simply click on Scan a computer from the left side of the panel:
Baseline Security Analyzer
Simply type in the computer’s name or its IP address and set the security report name. From the Options section you can choose what checks will be performed on the specified machine. Once all options have been checked, simply press the Start Scan button:
Baseline Security Analyzer tutorial
The report offers an overview of installed updates on your workstations.
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
There are other tools that can be used to achieve similar results but, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer is fast and easy to use. That’s about it for this article folks, wish you all the best and stay tuned for the following articles.

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