Get Information about local CA using Powershell

To find out information about the local Certification Authority, you will need to use the following command without any parameters:
This command will display the following information:
Name:                         `ppscu-SRV1-CA’
Organizational Unit:          `’
Organization:                 `’
Locality:                     `’
State:                        `’
Country/region:               `’
Config:                       `\ppscu-SRV1-CA’
Exchange Certificate:         `’
Signature Certificate:        `’
Description:                  `’
Server:                       `’
Authority:                    `ppscu-SRV1-CA’
Sanitized Name:               `ppscu-SRV1-CA’
Short Name:                   `ppscu-SRV1-CA’
Sanitized Short Name:         `ppscu-SRV1-CA’
Flags:                        `1′
Web Enrollment Servers:       `’

certutil command

I’ve highlighted the config information because this filed is needed when creating scripts to interact with the CA. I will soon post a script that creates and exports certificates from the local CA.
Note that there are several tools to interact with the Certification Authority. You should use Powershell to access the server hosing the CA whenever possible because it offers you a lot of useful cmd-lets. You will need to import the PKI module before using the available tools. You can view the modules by typing
Get-Module -ListAvailable

Get-Module -ListAvailable

To import a particular module just time import-module [module_name] just like in the following picture:

import-module powershell
That’s it for this article folks, I will soon post my new script that interacts with the local CA. Wish you all the best!

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