WSUS Client configuration

In this short article I will show you how to configure WSUS client settings on your Windows infrastructure. Once everything is configured on the server-side it’s time to allow your workstations to use the WSUS infrastructure to download and install their Windows updates.
WSUS clients are configured using Group Policy Management Console. Create a new GPO and navigate to Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Windows Components\Windows Update. Remember that when WSUS server role is installed, an IIS URL is automatically configured on the the same machine. This web app is used by WSUS clients to discover the update service location. We’ll also need to enable automatic updates for all clients. In GPMC, double click the specify intranet Microsoft update service location policy and Enable it. Type in the server’s URL in both fields and apply the policy:
specify intranet Microsoft update service location


To finish our WSUS client configuration we’ll need to enable the second group policy. Open the Configure Automatic Updates policy and Enable it. From the same policy you can configure the update behavior:
Configure Automatic Updates
Once these two policies are configured, the clients will be able to access the WSUS and retrieve their Windows updates and Service Packs. That’s it for this article folks, stay tuned for the following posts from IT training day.

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