Choosing a Domain Name for your Niche Website

A domain name is that address on your website that the people will find. Basically, this is the “physical address” that you will give to customers in order for them to be able to locate your site. By having a domain name, your consumers will not have a hard time in finding your place in the World Wide Web.
This should be the first criterion that one would consider when starting an online business. But then, deciding a domain name would require that you familiarize with your market as well as your target consumers. So to help you on this, here is your guide on choosing a domain name for your niche website.  You can check for URL availability at
Market Research
First of all, you need to be able to conduct market research. This is for you to have a better chance to get found through Google and other search engines. As you know, people these days would greatly rely on these search engines when looking for something online. This is actually the hardest part when it comes to choosing the right domain name for your site. Sometimes, you will need to spend several days in market research just for this. Fortunately, Google has found a way to make it easier for ecommerce sites to easily reach out to their target consumers and that is through the Google Keyword tool. Learning how to use this tool can help you in choosing a domain name for your niche website.  More URL information at
Choose .com Domains
If you are new to the World Wide Web and you are still in the process of building your presence in the web, then go for .com domain names, if possible. All people are used to .com domains so if they search for something on the search engines, they will most likely choose those with .com domains. Having this domain also helps to provide more credibility to your business, unlike if you use .biz, .info, and the likes.
Keywords Rich Domains
Your domains must be keywords rich and your domain name should be short and must have the most commonly searched terms related to the kind of business that you have. For example, your business has something to do with flowers. Therefore, when choosing a domain name, look for those that have the “flower” keywords in it. This is to ensure that your website will have a higher chance of getting ranked on the first few pages of Google and other search engines.
Short Domains
Your domain must be short, yet concise. This is for your customers to be able to easily remember you. If you choose a long domain name, your customers would end up misspelling it and the worst that could happen is that they will end up in your competitor’s website instead.
Three to four worded keywords are still acceptable to a lot of people, but anything more than that can make it hard for your target consumers to find you in the web.
Choosing a domain name may be difficult for beginners, but the tips above should be able to help you.

4 thoughts on “Choosing a Domain Name for your Niche Website

  1. Hi Susan,

    I agree that research plays a critical role in coming up with an effective name. To this I recommend the mission statement, target audience, competition and brand image be defined as well before brainstorming potential names.

    With this information as a guide, an individual is significantly more likely to come up with possible names that are on-target and effective.

    It is then, at that point, where things like name length can best be applied.

    Thanks again for the post.




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