Powershell script to create new IIS application

Internet Information Services

Hello folks,
I just want to show you a script I’ve created in Powershell for adding a new web application to a IIS server. It’s probably way much easier to configure such app using the IIS Manager console but, using scripting you can make your like much easier and save a lot of time. When deploying a new application on several IIS servers that are load balanced, the workload can be boring so, it’s better to use scripting when performing such operation.
That being stayed, I’ll just paste the code with the description:

#Import the web administration module and create the paths for the new application
import-module webadministration
$SiteName = “test.ppscu.com”
$PathAppPool = “IIS:\AppPools\” + $SiteName
$PathWebSite = “IIS:\Sites\” +$SiteName

#Creating folders in which the application and logs will be stored
New-Item -ItemType directory -name $SiteName -path “C:\inetpub\sites” -Force
New-item -ItemType directory -name $SiteName -Path “C:\inetpub\logs” -Force

#Creating and configuring the App Pool (will be using the nework service, framework 2.0 and Classic pipeline mode)
New-WebAppPool -Name $name -Force
Set-ItemProperty -Path $PathAppPool -Name processmodel.identityType -Value NetworkService
Set-ItemProperty -Path $PathAppPool -Name managedRuntimeVersion -Value v2.0
Set-ItemProperty -Path $PathAppPool -Name managedPipelineMode -Value Classic
Restart-WebItem $PathAppPool

#Create Website, binding and set the physical location
New-WebSite -name $SiteName -port 80 -hostheader $SiteName -PhysicalPath “C:\inetpub\sites\$SiteName” -ApplicationPool $SiteName
Set-ItemProperty -Path $PathWebSite -name applicationPool -value $SiteName
Restart-WebItem $PathWebSite

#Add log file location
Set-ItemProperty -Path $PathWebSite -name logFile.directory -value “C:\inetpub\logs\$SiteName”

That’s it for this short script, I hope you’ll find the code useful when deploying IIS applications. Wish you all the best and have a great day!


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