Oranum Live Chat: Psychics Readings with Cutting-edge Technology

In a world of fast paced living and social media at an all-time high, there is no wonder that the spiritual community website Oranum, has provided its many users with cutting edge technology. From their easy to use interface, to their high definition live video chat, the customer can always feel both comfortable and have a more personal experience. That’s why I’d like to present a short case study about this psychic community.  
Oranum’s mission is to help people by offering consultations with their talented and world renowned psychics. They pride themselves on being a global spiritual community. People from all around the world can connect to various psychics through technology such as email, social media, iphone apps and live web cam readings.
There are many different types of categories to choose from, whether it’s love and relationships, or mind and body or even traveling and relocation, there is always a skilled psychic waiting to answer your questions.
One of the ways a member may receive a reading is through email. Through writing detailed questions, their psychics can give guidance in areas in which the member is seeking answers. For some people, this is a more comfortable way to start communicating with someone, rather than face to face.
Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter is a great way for the community to stay in contact with the public and get their message out to the world. Facebook’s technology allows people who like their page to read free weekly horoscopes. It also provides uplifting and inspiring quotes to help people throughout their day. On the other hand, Oranum Twitter profile is the place where you can read live updates of the latest psychic readings, dream interpretations, tarot readings, etc…. It’s simply the place where u
One of the most important aspects of Oranum is its new video chat technology. Video chat is a live audio and video interaction between users in separate locations. The advantage of this is people from all over the globe may chat with apsychic wherever he or she is located.  A member may choose an option to have a live video chat with a psychic of his or her choice. Some feel this aspect creates a deeper and more personal experience than one that is made through email alone.
There is an option for voice chat only as well for those who are not comfortable doing readings face to face with a psychic. One of the great things about this video chat technology is being able to view the psychics in action prior to a private reading. Furthermore, there is the oranum App available on itunes app store exclusively for iphones users. It can be downloaded and installed in few minutes, and then it’s psychic chat time !
The site’s psychics, when online, are shown talking randomly to people in their chat room. Members may see how the psychics interact with others, or how their personality is in comparison to their own. This allows them to select specific psychics that they feel will coincide with their personality more so than others.

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