7 ways to increase the productivity of your sales team

It`s hard to motivate a team of ambitious and fairly independent sales reps who like to do things in their own way. Many managers opt for sending them to trainings and for giving motivational speeches that surely help, but are quickly forgotten. The best way to motivate them and make sure they close more is to let them do their job of selling instead of making them take care of mundane tasks and administrative burdens. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

  1. Less reports. Don`t make your sales reps complete tens of reports every week. You don`t need that anyway. With AutoMagic Sync from Floatingapps.com you can sync Google Apps and all the information in there with Salesforce, so you get a full and updated view of what sales reps are communicating with potential leads and what contacts are been added, even what new sales are made. It all happens without any extra effort from the sales reps.
  2. Cancel sales meetings. It`s easy enough to keep in touch with the sales team online, through teleconferencing or on the phone, so cancel long in-person meetings and make a call or send a written note.
  3. Assign someone to set appointments. It might be more productive to have a member of the team who calls prospects and sets appointments when the sales reps are available. This way the sales reps will spend more time in meetings, actually selling the products than on the phone trying to find a convenient time for a meeting. Salesforce integration with Google calendar  with the help of AutoMagic Sync 360 makes it simple for the appointment setters to do their job without always calling the sales reps.
  4. Give personalized help. Try to ask each sales rep what kind of challenges he or she encounters in the field. One way to find out what may make a sales rep to perform badly is to shadow the rep at a meeting and notice how he or she handles it. This way you will be able to offer qualitative feedback without intruding too much. You can also give feedback based on the information you get from the organized discussions between the sales rep and the prospects in Salesforce.
  5. Create competition and give them more freedom. Set up small contests between the sales reps and make sure that you set a high stake, but that you also make them fun. Also give the sales rep more freedom to find leads on social media or through creative ways they know you will not condemn.
  6. Offer them advanced mobile devices. Make sure the sales reps have the necessary technology and Internet access on the go. They must be able to connect to Google Apps or your CRM platform and input data manually or find data quickly.
  7. Find out what motivates each sales rep. It is important to know what matters for each sales rep. Connect with them after work and ask meaningful questions about their goals, desires and aspirations.
And make sure that you have a full view of all communication and that all the potential leads and contacts are recorded in the CRM platform. Request an invite from Floating Apps so you will be able to use AutoMagic Sync for free and sync Google Apps with  Salesforce seamlessly so you have all the important sales data in one place. 

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