Comparing the possibilities of PHP and .NET as career options

When it is the matter of choosing a career in IT, .net and php come as two of the most preferred options. Both of these languages have their pros and cons and working with both of them give a lot of satisfaction, which is why they are both on equal ground on the style as well as object oriented coding level. ASP.NET comes with much better OOP support but there are certain projects for which you may find PHP fine. Yet before making the final choice let’s delve into what these two career options have to offer us:
What you need to know about PHP:
·         PHP is one of the open source programming languages which are very high in demand. PHP is among the first choice for building web-sites that come with dynamic content. PHP and mostly all of its platforms, databases, supporting tools and even OS are free. The advantage of its being an open source is it has good support, code snippets and aids in several on-line open source forums.
·         PHP has Zend optimizer that assembles the codes making the codes much faster. It is almost equivalent to other assembled web programming options. Getting a PHP programmer is easy and for those with budget constraints there are freelancers who have excellent skills in PHP. Those who are looking to build career in PHP will have plenty of job opportunities in the leading IT companies.
A few key facts about .NET:
.NET is a complete framework that supports several programming languages like ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, etc. .NET provides outstanding help in documentation. Above all, being a complete framework .NET is used for many more things than just building simple web-sites. The expert professionals are there to sort out any issues.
In summary it can be said that when you have limited budget and looking to build a site or similar kinds of web based applications, PHP is definite a better choice than .NET. Whereas, when your IT budget is high and your requirements is much more than building a simple website, it is .NET that proves to be a smart choice. It is .NET from which you can expect some dedicated support and dependency on the more solid programs.
A very common thing for the IT policy makers of companies is getting confused of which way to go. Although .NET and PHP both have their merits and limitations it is the requirements, technical skills, budget and overall corporate methodology that should be considered for deciding the right one.
PHP training and its prospects:
The popularity of PHP as a programming language is much high. PHP was among one of the server-side scripting language to be embedded in HTML. Being used in more than 1 million web servers and 20 million websites, PHP is running on 75% of all web servers at present. PHP MySQL is used to develop many Open Source Softwares in demand like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, OsCommerce and Word press. This is why bright, smart and career-oriented students of Kolkata are vouching for PHP training courses as it is more convenient in today’s world scenario. PHP training institutes in Kolkata offer professional courses on PHP meant for both technical and non-technical students.
The top PHP training institute in Kolkata offers courses on .NET as well with the best lab facility and assistance. Above all, you have assured placement assistance. The students are provided with intense training by expert faculty with profound experience in training. When getting job is your utmost priority after finishing studies, then PHP and .NET training would be your ultimate choice ensuring jobs with high pay package.
Sunaina Thakkar  has been associated with PHP training institute in Kolkata for the last one decade. His blogs offer detailed information on PHP training and jobs with high pay package.

3 thoughts on “Comparing the possibilities of PHP and .NET as career options

  1. Well, PHP has become highly popular these days because several students are getting chance to make their career in this. Several companies and institutes are offering PHP training courses these days to let the graduates start their career in web development.



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