Samsung Galaxy S4 Outsells Iphone 5 For The First Time In US

A record-breaking sale for the month of May was made by Samsung through their flagship Samsung Galaxy S4. It was very surprising as this flagship managed to fully outsell the Apple iphone 5 across three major carriers out of the four major in the US market.
This unprecedented performance of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the US market was quite outstanding as they managed to get ahead of the iphone 5 in Verizon, T-Mobile as well as in Sprint for the very first time in the performance of last month of May. It was only in the AT&T carrier in the US where this Samsung Galaxy S4 could not manage to outsell the iphone 5.
The Apple iphone 5 has been leading all along for quite a long time and that is why it got to people’s attention when the Android powered Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship took over it and is now leading in most of the carriers in the US.
Samsung Galaxy S4
What could be reason for the Apple iphone 5 low sales?
For several times, the iphone 5 which is the Cupertino based technology giant has had the US market as their stronghold for very strong sales to be realised. It is very surprising how their have been sleeping of late to come up with those figures that appeared lately making them being the second after Samsung’s flagship the Galaxy S4.
There is a possibility of some kind of urgency that makes them to act swiftly especially in the department of the iOS. It is also true that some of the users in the US had earlier complained about the mobile operating system which is in use. Some of the complaints were pointing on the iOS 7 and that it does not have enough innovations to provide the users with unique, fresh and current technology to use. This could be the reason behind the sudden drop of the flagship in the US market.
How is Apple taking this trend?
Apple has not yet given any official information or reaction concerning this performance but we are actually waiting to see what they have in store during the WWDC that will definitely kick off on the 10th of June this year.
This may give some details whether the Apple will work extra hard to take up its position again in the US market for the next period and even in this current month of June.
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