Galaxy Mega 6.3 Masquerades As Note III In Spy Photo

Recently, there were some leaked photos of a Samsung phone that appeared in the launch box and it left most of the people trying to figure out which kind of a device it was.
The images were actually in a black blocky plastic that were meant to conceal the design of the device that was being speculated to be the Galaxy Note III and yesterday appeared another leaked image and it was just right next to the old Nokia and another Samsung launch box.
The photo gave much speculation from the prospective consumers and we were just wondering which kind of device it could be.
Galaxy Mega
The details about the photo:
One of the sources were keen enough to find out the kind of device that it could be from their database and they actually found out the details about the images in the photo. The Nokia phone that was in the found was found to be 1202 and it measured 105.3mm tall.
According to the sources, they also managed to get the diagonal measurements of the screen of that particular big device in question. To their surprise, the measurements turned out to be 6.3 inches which was assumed to be presumably the length of the Galaxy Mega 6.3 Smartphone but having an appearance just like the Galaxy Note III.
It was also in order that they got the measurement of the small device as well and it actually measured 4.3 inch diagonally and this made them to assume that it might be the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. That gave some sought of thought on which kind of the device it could be since both the Galaxy S4 mini and the Galaxy Mega 6.3 have already been made officially. So they cannot be having the leaks and that particular image was actually having nothing which seems so new to the prospective consumers and to others.
When should you expect the Galaxy Note III?
This device is actually expected to hit the markets by September this year at the IFA event like its other predecessors. You must be eagerly waiting for the Galaxy Note III device just like most other users.

There is also a Galaxy and Activ even that is supposed to take place and is expected to happen on the 20th of June this year but it is not clear if the device will be availed during that particular event.

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