Samsung Goes Mega with two New Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and 5.8 are the best Smartphones that you can find in the market at the present time. This is the recent development of Samsung technology next to Samsung Galaxy Note II Ultimate Phone and Tablet. This is part of a continuing commitment of Samsung. This make is as one of the best Smartphones in the market. Read on this article to know more about these two Galaxy Smartphones.
Size, Weight and Build
When it comes to the sizes of these Smartphones, the screen is one of the excellent and outstanding aspects of these Samsung Smartphones. On the contrary, Samsung Galaxy 6.3 is a bit thinner and larger as compared to its cousin. In terms to the Smartphones physical built, they are a hard plastic. This is very handy when removing the cover for you to change the batteries.
Although, it is larger in sizes, both of these Smartphones are surprisingly lightweight. This is because of the plastic finish. As a matter of fact, you cannot even feel weight while you carry this phone by hand or within your pocket.
When it comes to resolution, the two Galaxy Smartphones are impressive. Although, the size of these Smartphones sets them apart, you can enjoy the resolution. The display of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones is brilliant because of the TFT LCD. This makes it an essential means of displaying sharp content and crisp. As compared to other Smartphones, except for a clearer and crystal-like display.
RAM and Processor
The processors of Samsung Mega Galaxy Smartphones are impressive. Both of these phones are loaded with 2 CPUs. The performance that it can show is good as compared to other Smartphone brands. The functionality of this Smartphones is above average. This makes it as an essential option. If it is your first time to own a Smartphone, it is sure that you will feel happy and contented.
Wireless, Storage, Battery and Camera
The wireless option provided for Mega Smartphone 6.3 is supported by LTE. On the other hand, the other version offers the HSPA+21, which is essential as well. The LTE functionality offers you to get in touch with such provider.
The interior storage of these two devices is 8 gigabytes. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones 6.3 offers you the chance to expand memory size is up to 16 GB as long as you are willing to give some money to invest for this. When it comes to the battery, except that it can last for several hours.
The cameras of Samsung Mega Smartphones are also impressive. This will give you  a chance to take photos and videos effectively.
As one of the leading names in the industry, it gives you an amazing chance to enjoy the features of these two Samsung Smartphones. This can surely offer you a great opportunity to enjoy this gadget. Samsung as indeed the leading names in the appliance and phone industry that can offer all the features that you are looking for a phone.
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