How to view your computer’s hardware information

There are many ways to determine your computer hardware information, if you are using a Microsoft Windows Operating System. Below I will point out the well known ways to determine this:
By using the msinfo32 command. First type in the run prompt msinfo32 and press ok:

msinfo32 command
The System Information is displayed. You can view the System Summary or each component independently, Hardware Resources, Components and Software Environment:
Another way you can achieve this is by using the dxdiag command. Type in the command in a run prompt and press OK:
dxdiag command
Here you can view the System, Display, Sound and Input Information. You can even save it for later review.

A short description can be viewed by opening the basic system information from Control Panel\System and Security\System:

basic information about computer

You can also use device manager to determine the same thing. Type devmgmt.msc in the run prompt:

Device Manager
This is all for this short post, have a nice day.

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