Startup or logon process takes to long on Microsoft Windows machines

Hello everyone
In this short post I will talk about a problem that I have encountered on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine. I restarted the server and the startup process of the Windows Server took too much (almost 30 minutes) and it was very irritating. After I looked over the internet and read some mails about this problem I discovered that this problem also happens on Windows 7 machines. This problem can also occur after you enter your credentials at the login screen. This problem is happening because there where a problem with the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation Service). You can read about WMI on Microsoft website:

or wikipedia:

The best way to discover if you have a problem with the WMI is to check event viewer. First start event viewer by typing “event viewer” in the search box or by typing “eventvwr” in the run prompt( pressing ctr+r):

Now when event viewer starts right click Windows Logs and press Create Custom View. You have to know that the events that indicate this problem have the event id of 65, 43 and 5614. 
In the window that appears type the following:
Create Custom View Event Viewer
Now press OK. If it finds one of this Events than means that you have a problem with the WMI:
Create Custom View Event Viewer
“Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Service is starting to restore the WMI repository”
Microsoft developed a hotifx that has to be installed in order to fix this problem:
You can read more about this problem here:
I hope this will help anyone that has the same problem, have a nice day.



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