Selecting the default operating system on a workstation

Bcdedit.exe is a command-line tool that is used to interact with the boot configuration data store. In the boot configuration data store all the configuration parameters needed to boot the operating system are stored.

To configure what operating system to run at start-up using bcdedit.exe you’ll have to do the following:

1. Start a command prompt with administrator credentials (right click ” Run as Administrator”) 

run as administrator
2. Type bcdedit /enum to see the installed operating systems (also you can use bcdedit /enum ACTIVE to see the active OS):
bcdedit command
4. To select which OS (operating system) to run by default at start-up type the following:
example : bcdedit /default {879f7be0-2163-11de-b92d-d86aaca536b1}
the numbers in the “{” are the unique identifier of the OS or the resume object.
If you have multiple OS installed and you want to create a boot order you cand type the following:
example : bcdedit /bootsequence {879f7be0-2163-11de-b92d-d86aaca536b1} {14587be0-2163-11de-b92d-d86aaca536b1} {ntlr}
bcdedit /bootsequence {879f7be0-2163-11de-b92d-d86aaca536b1} /addfirst
bcdedit /bootsequence {14587be0-2163-11de-b92d-d86aaca536b1} /addlast
You can do allmost the same thing using the msconfig.exe tool. Open run (windows key+r) and type Msconfig or Msconfig.exe. Go to the boot tab and there you’ll see the list of the operating systems installed
msconfig command
From there you can modify the order, advanced options etc. I will discuss about msconfig tool in more detail in a future post.

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