How to bind server with KMS Server

This document is a tutorial on how to bind a computer on the respective KMS Server when the automatic binding is not working. First of all you’ll have to know the KMS server ip address. After finding the ip address open a command prompt to test the connection with the KMS server. When cmd windows appears type the following:
Telnet “server ip address” 1688 – This command tests if the KMS server has opened the 1688 port in order to communicate with the server that you are trying to activate. 1688 port is the stanard port for the KMS service. You’ll have to be in the local administrators group on that server.
Now open a command prompt or Powershell and type the following:
slmgr –dli – this will show you the actual configuration of the server.

Now type the command slmgr -ipk sku-key – The command will insert the serial key.

After adding the serial stype slmgr – ato – This will activate Windows with the new key you have specified. Since it is a SKU, if a KMS is present and broadcasting on network and DNS data is ok on the machine, it should retrieve the KMS server automatically.

After that type slmgr –dlv  – This will display the current license status on the machine

If you have to do this on several servers you can add all the commands in notepad and then save the file as a .bat or .ps1. Then just run the file on any server that has the same configuration and uses the same kms server.

To find out more options using slmgr type in powershell slmgr and the following screen will appear:

Windows Server
This screen shows the global settings of the slmgr command. Now press “OK” once:
Information Technology
This screen shows the advanced settings of the slmgr command. Press “OK”
This screen shows the commands used in Volume Licensing: Token-based activation method. Now press “OK” again:
Windows license
The screen displays the Volume Licesing using KMS options.

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